The Dairy
The dairy has several rooms, each with a distinct function.
The milking parlor is the room where the does come to be milked twice a day. They enter using a ramp outside the door so they can stand on the elevated milking platform. The eat grain while they are being milked.
The milkhouse or bulk tank room is where the milk is refrigerated until it is processed into cheese. We have a 52-gallon refrigerated bulk tank for holding the milk.
The make room houses the 52-gallon pasteurizer (left picture) and is where the cheese is made. The milk is pumped from the bulk tank to the pasteurizer through stainless steel sanitairy piping. Since we are making fresh cheeses, we pasteurize the milk. Once it has cooled to the desired temperature, the cheese cultures are added and allowed to incubate. The cheese curds are gently scooped into cheesecloth and allowed to drain overnight.
Currently, the aging room houses the coolers where we store the cheese before it is sold. Since we are not yet making any aged cheeses, this room has not been completed. We plan to offer bloomy rind cheeses next year.